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We are laser-focused on delivering all customer-facing digital tools in the insurance industry using four governing principles:

  • OPTIMIZATION – Get the biggest bang for your buck. Who has money to burn?
  • SCALABILITY – Don’t buy something that will become obsolete tomorrow.
  • MEASURABILITY – Access performance data for all digital tools and take full advantage of it.
  • CONNECTIVITY – Providing the best coverage at the best price is not the only essential in today’s marketplace — it’s also about convenience – for the policyholder, not the agency or company.



Texting is now the go-to communications tool for everyone who’s tired of phone tag and spam. (That takes in most of us.) For insurers, agents and brokers, texting works only if it’s done within a messaging system that’s lock-down secure, archived and allows the parties can see all their messages at once so they don’t have to repeat themselves. Messaging is also a cost-saver. A single chat interaction costs between $3 to $5 while a messaging communication is typically less than a dollar. Thomas H. Wetzel & Associates has partnered with LivePerson, the world’s leading messaging firm, to offer state-of-the art messaging packages to insurers, agents and brokers to communicate with their customers via websites, SMS, mobile apps, and other messaging platforms. Connectivity is now an absolute essential in delivering the best possible customer experience and messaging personifies it. Click on the video below.mail-iconContact Us


Congratulations to our Insurance Agent mobile app partner in being named the ACORD 2017 Startup Disruptor!
Bravo to Kiki Johnson and Matt Aaron!

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Is your agency a “digital laggard” that’s driving away business?

A weak digital presence impacts your clients’ vulnerability to competitors and pushes away prospects. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation analysis and I will tell you what steps to take your agency from a digital laggard to digital powerhouse. It will take less than 15 minutes!

Today’s insurance consumers want to communicate with their device-of-choice.  Here are the facts:

  • The text message is 20 years old, we all hate phone tag and are sick and tired endless emails.
  • 50% of your current customers will prefer to text you about simple insurance questions.
  • New customers’ assessment of your “tech-savviness” will pull them in or push them away. Your choice.
  • A secure-texting cloud service will spur growth and improve retention.
  • Our platform monitors your CSAT on a realtime basis so you can measure how you’re doing.
  • Our Platform will increase your staff’s job satisfaction – less phone tag and higher productivity, fewer headaches.
  • Our Platform makes every marketing dollar work harder with a measurable ROI.

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Discover How Good Your Website Can Be

We approached Thomas H. Wetzel and Associates because we wanted to revamp our website. Tom had helped us with our Facebook page and created our “roadmap” of what we felt our agency was about. We thought he would be a good resource to go to again and the result was exactly what we were looking for! [read more…]