Create a Compelling Digital Presence

“Going digital” doesn’t mean an agency needs to give up its local, independent, personalized, face-to-face approach–it means promoting those same qualities that have served the independent agent so well using the power of digital tools.

Every agency needs a “compelling digital presence” in which all the pieces work together and drive traffic between them. The agency website must be more than a static, institutional brochure (our favorite line is that “it’s not to be read but to be used”‘), social media activity must be targeted, consistent and conversational and a mobile app must bear the agency brand and contain those features clients most want.  And most important, every tool must project the same “true differentiators” –those characteristics that separate the agency from all others. Agencies that lack this digital presence drive away business in two ways — 1) they lose current clients to more digitally-savvy competitors who make it easier to get answers and stay in touch 24/7 and 2) they lose the opportunity to even pitch prospects because they project an image of a “digital dinosaur.” The road to a compelling digital presence need not cost an arm and a leg but does require the right vision and the right tools. Find out how we can help your agency as we have helped many others.

The Wetzel Social Media Content Roadmap©

Social Media Content RoadmapConsumers are no longer just infatuated with social media — they want relevance, originality and heartfelt messaging, not generic, “paint by the numbers” content. Bland, generic content only projects a bland, generic agency brand and gives insurance buyers no help in deciding who to choose. Social media content must project the agency’s distinct and unique voice – the agency personality to which policyholders and prospects will respond positively.

At the same time, social media is a powerful prospecting/lead generation tool which most agents underutilize, if at all. Every connection developed via social media represents a solid prospect, not a faceless cold call. Agents can speed up those connections by linking with businesses, groups and institutions with which they share a common passion, be it plumbers, jazz or the local schools.

The Wetzel Social Media Content Roadmap© delivers a truly customized, in-depth content and prospecting program that makes the process of creating posts and tweets faster and easier than ever, generates leads, and stays truer to the agency’s core values and brand. Even if you’re already using social media, the Roadmap will help make your social media activity more effective and save you time in the process. It’s the strategy, action plan and customized content all in one. And if you don’t have the time to create the content on your own, we will do that, too.

Development of the Social Media Content Roadmap© takes only several weeks and results in an easy-to-use plan that saves time and delivers more productive social media activity. Buy your custom Social Media Content Roadmap© now!

The Social Media Training Program

CrossroadsSocial media sits at a crossroads of risk and reward. Missteps can result in missed opportunities, wasted resources, a damaged reputation, compliance violations, and increased liability exposure. Rewards, on the other hand, can include gains in brand awareness, market penetration, customer retention, agent relations, and market intelligence. The one essential ingredient in both minimizing these risks and maximizing the rewards is training.

Most social media training now available is basic and generic – basic in that it covers only the bare essentials of how to get started – and generic in that instructions discuss none of the details insurers and agents need in order to use social media productively and safely.

To fill the void, we have developed a comprehensive social media training series specifically designed for insurers and agents. We offer a series of one-hour courses which can be delivered online in several formats or in-person, in any combination to employees and distribution partners. Users can access courses anytime and retake them as many times as needed. Course content is comprehensive and tailored to insurance – from creating compelling content to legal issues to how to take advantage of mobile applications. Content can includes quizzes, questions for discussion and links to appropriate reference materials. Courses will be revised or added periodically to reflect the rapidly changing digital landscape.

The Social Media Profile

ProfileEvery insurance company or agent, whether they participate formally in social media or not, projects an image and is exposed to risks that naturally result from the independent participation of its employees, distribution partners and policyholders. This participation impacts not only a company’s reputation but also potential compliance issues associated with insurance, intellectual property, and privacy laws for example.

As a first step, we can help by providing a “snapshot” of your company’s current image. We do this based on our understanding of insurance, how social media are being used and our knowledge of what and where to look for information and place in its proper context. We create an independent, impartial Social Media Profile of your company so you can see yourself as cyberspace sees you. In a report that usually takes only a few days to complete, you will discover, in a systematic manner, the following:

  • Who is posting comments and information, what they are saying, and the direction conversations are taking. We sort out the significant, the important, from the chatter.
  • How to identify negative or risky activity with potentially adverse consequences.
  • A cost-efficient process to monitor social media conversations on your own.

The Social Media Profile is your first step towards monitoring, managing, and maintaining your company’s good image in social media.

Fast-Track Social Media Management Program

Fast TrackEven if you have begun researching how best to get started or improve a plan already in place, our Social Media Management process can help you develop the most productive and compliant program. Our program cuts through the hype and technical jargon and fast-tracks, often in no more than 3-4 weeks, the development of an effective, risk-averse social media program that addresses three critical components: communications, legal, and technical. The program is tailored to take full advantage of an insurer or producer’s unique style, promotional strengths and market profile, and can be implemented in phases at the company’s discretion.

One-of-a-Kind Website Creation and Maintenance

Website Development & ManagementMaintaining a strong, interactive website is a linchpin of a compelling digital presence. We provide all services from initial design, copywriting and ongoing maintenance, including content updates. Every website is unique.  We do not use a template, cookie-cutter approach and when completed, you will be able to make most subsequent changes yourself. Other features include:

  • Adaptive web design to facilitate mobile & tablet platforms (many decision makers use a cell phone or i-pad to browse the web – your website should comfortably work on those).
  • Content & strong graphics that reinforce your online identity.
  • Strong Calls to Action on every page.
  • Ability for you or an employee to maintain the website.
  • Integrated email campaigns.
  • Seamless coordination with your social media program.
  • Pay-per-Click advertising campaigns to drive prospects to you.
  • Visitor Analytics

Blog Development

BlogBlogs are highly effective tools to promote your agency brand and the expertise of your staff. The best blogs reflect the unique perspective of the author about a specific subject and should contain material that readers cannot get from an outside source. What readers value is the author’s unique, informed, customer-centric viewpoint. Blogs can be also repurposed for posting on social media. If you don’t have the time to create blogs, so we can do it for you using the Social Media Content Roadmap©. Our blog service works like this: we will create and post two blogs per month for $300 and provide training for staffers who want to learn how to write their own. No need to lock in a long-term contract, the program allows you to go month to month.

Email Marketing Made Easier (And That Works)

Email Marketing Made Easier (And That Works)Like our Social Media Content Roadmap, our Marketing Email Roadmap delivers the right email communications to your clients and prospects with thoughtful, strategic and personalized messaging. Our roadmap outlines the key emails you need to send to help nurture new leads and improve client retention.

The Email Marketing Strategic Roadmap is designed to:

  • Deliver a customized strategy for your agency’s use of email marketing
  • Become more efficient in your marketing communication through identifying key email templates and opportunities for automation.
  • Help build relevant and timely emails that are more effective.
  • Delivers a guide and strategy that outlines the right messages to your target markets.