Digital Red Flags Assessment©

Protecting agency data is now Job #1 with regulatory, insurer and consumer demands to mitigate rising cybercrime. Our exclusive, low-cost cyber risk assessment is designed specifically for independent insurance agencies. Even better, the assessment delivers a one-two punch that identifies an agency’s own unique risks and how to mitigate them plus critical information for clients on the need for cyber insurance coverage. Deliverables include an analysis of an agency’s vendor user agreements, direct and vendor breaches and detailed mitigation recommendations in an easily understood format.

Wetzel Digital Roadmap©

Our first product, expanded and updated over the years, delivers a one-of-a-kind tool – a powerful one-time, affordable, and customized digital strategy and action plan – one that an agency of any size can implement on its own from day one. The Roadmap works for agencies just starting to expand its digital capabilities or for those looking for direction for an upgrade. The Roadmap solves a major agency headache –how to use digital tools in the most efficient and productive ways that produce measurable results without having to spend an arm and a leg.

State-of-the-Art Secure Messaging

Consumers and businesses change their communications habits based on convenience – phone tag and email overload are fueling a transition to web messaging now dominant across all age groups. Unlike live chat, which relies on a one-and-done text message model – messaging is more secure and conversational, is used ten times more often than voice calls and gives agencies a 24/7 capability without adding staff. Messaging can be integrated into CRMs and is automatically archived and viewable. Our system is easy to master in a week or two, a big plus in employee satisfaction, and is HITRUST-Certified and the only one available in which an agency owns and controls its data.

Millennial-Friendly Websites

Like our Digital Roadmap©, our website development protocol represents a departure from common practice. We do not use “cookie-cutter” templates -- every website is an original design that reflects the agency’s personality, communities, and markets. We create the content first — to put into words the agency’s unique characteristics before building the design around them. Most importantly, we will develop a pathway to a truly interactive site that meets the demands of today’s buyers: fewer pages, easier to navigate and the ability to “ask it” for help, a true conversational search engine.

Targeted Content Creation

Most agencies need help from time to time on creating articles, blogs, and social media posts to promote its expertise and community connections. Our staff knows insurance and can take your ideas and transform them into highly readable, engaging content quickly and at reasonable cost. All content is original and can be priced on an as-needed or continual basis plans based on your budget.



52% of U.S. Adults
will not use a product or service due to concerns about how much personal information would be collected.
43% of Cybersecurity Breach Victims
are small and medium businesses.
Remote Work has Increased
the average cost of a data breach by $137,000.
67% Increase
in security breaches since 2014.
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