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Customer Service Is Just Foreplay

Customer Service Is Not Just Foreplay — for Independent Agents

Jason Cass’ just released book, “Customer Service Is Just Foreplay,” is not just a “must-read” but a “must use” for every independent insurance agent. The book is packed with no-nonsense, practical tips and insights in this digital age. As Jason says, “Consumers are no longer concerned about coming to our offices and meeting our people like they used to be.” The fact is, agents must stay in touch with prospects and current clients using digital tools in the right way. Relying solely on shoe leather and cold-calling is not enough.

Jason Cass is a dynamic speaker, agency owner, and champion for the Agency System.  The book has been praised by many industry leaders and I wholeheartedly add my name to that list.  I am also privileged to have Jason’s endorsement of the Social Media Content Roadmap.  The book is available through Amazon and at