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How Many Consumers Say Social Media Figures In Their Purchases? HALF!

More agents are tiptoeing into the world of social media but for those still on the sidelines, here’s a killer. Accenture just came out with a survey that reported that 48% of the respondents said they would consider comments on social media BEFORE making a buying decision. Why then, would any agency consciously ignore one communications tool that one out of every two buyers considers an important factor?

The fact is, every age group, from millenials to seniors, relies heavily on social media to help find and evaluate businesses to patronize. Why? For the simple reason that it is far easier and less time-consuming to go online, shop around, get some recommendations and then, and only then, schedule a direct conversation, either face-to-face or on the phone. Finding an insurance agent or just the right policy may not be as simple as buying a loaf of bread. Most agents, however, lose the opportunity to sell to wide segments of the population by making it harder to be found and harder to get to know by avoiding social media entirely or by participating halfheartedly.

Agents lament that they simply don’t have the time to devote social media. Consumers are just as pressed for time, which is a big reason why consumers use it so much.