Monthly Archives: March 2012

Communications As Habit

The KeystoneInsurers and producers who truly benefit from their use of social media do so because for them, consistent, honest, give-and-take communications with consumers is not just a tactic but a habit. In his new book, “The Power of Habit — Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business,” New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg talks about “keystone habits,” i.e., those habits that “have the power to start a chain reaction, changing other habits as they move through an organization.” If a company is always focused on the policyholder, always listening instead of just selling, always making customer-focused decisions, its social media participation will be natural, spontaneous and compelling. Conversely, if social media is treated as a “paint by the numbers” exercise, the conversations will be stiff and scripted and the results will be disappointing.

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