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Let’s Just Get Our Feet Wet!

Get our feet wet!We have talked a lot about why all insurers and producers, without exception, need to begin using social media to some degree – for competitive, regulatory and legal reasons. Just as important as getting in the game, however, is using social media in the right way for the right reasons. Yet too many in the industry are making the same mistakes over and over again, so here are the top three violations.

Let’s Just Get Our Feet Wet

I have heard this statement, or something like it, from many marketing executives who argue the value of setting up a Facebook page “just to get started.” For one thing, social media participation is so much more than building one page or one site. For another, without a clear strategy, measurable objectives and tactical plans that maximizes productivity, mitigates risks and builds strong management support, the result will be wasted time and resources and missed opportunities.

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